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Northrop Grumman | Software Engineer | San Diego CA, Oklahoma City OK, Melbourne FL | Full Time | Secret and Top Secret Clearance |

- C and Java development

- MASSIVE growth in the company right now

- Work on projects that are not possible in any other SW company

- Every other friday OFF (lookup 9/80 schedule)

- Work is slower paced than commercial

NG is a defense contractor and are currently growing by the thousands in the next few years. They are looking for experienced developers who have touched C and Java. You should already have a secret or TS clearance to apply for software.

PM me for more info to apply.

>"They are looking for experienced developers who have touched C and Java."

Why the use of "They"? Are you part of an outside recruiting company then and not part of the company looking to hire?

From the guidelines:

"Submitters: please only post if you personally are part of the hiring company—no recruiting firms or job boards"

I am an employee of the company. I said they, because it is not my personal decision who gets hired or not and there are many teams and different locations that are hiring. I agree WE would have been a better choice of word.

The job listings and applications for cleared and uncleared jobs can be found on http://northropgrumman.com/careers/Pages/default.aspx

Are there software opportunities for US citizens without a clearance?

You are still encouraged to apply but you will be given a slower preference. Already cleared engineers will be fast tracked rather quickly.

Yes, many. See the company's career page.

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