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Coinbase | Senior Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Security Engineer | San Francisco, London | REMOTE, VISA | coinbase.com

We are hiring engineers to help us create an open financial system for the world. Specifically, I'm hiring both frontend and backend engineers to build Coinbase.com and the APIs that power the Coinbase mobile apps. Come work on digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum every day!

About us:

* We use React, Mobx, Flow, webpack, and styled-components on the frontend.

* Our APIs are currently powered by Rails with a MongoDB backend, but we're investing heavily in decomposing the monolith into services written in statically typed languages.

* We're exploring GraphQL for future APIs and are hiring two people to lead our APIs team.

If you're interested, email me at jpollak@coinbase.com.

A bit OT, but of the trading sites I use coinbase is the buggiest and most frustrating - despite obvious (but misplaced) efforts to be more consumer friendly. Please hire a product manager to clean up the experience! It's clear nobody has taken ownership. (and to credit, i see consumer satisfaction is part of Q3 goals on the blog)

Do you have part-time opportunities for students?

We don't have any part-time opportunities, but we'll be hiring interns next summer!

which statically typed languages? You know Python has/will support even more static typing, which will be interesting...

Go and Kotlin for now!

Two thumbs up for Kotlin! What a great language.

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