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Doist | Windows Developer | C#, XAML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#windows-developer

Doist | Back-end Engineer | Python | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#back-end-engineer-python

Doist | Front-end Engineer | JavaScript | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#front-end-engineer

Doist | Front-end Developer | CSS, HTML | World | Full-time | Remote: https://doist.com/jobs/#front-end-developer

At Doist, we’re always striving to build not only amazing products but also amazing teams: Teams that innovate and change how productivity tools are made. Our flagship product is Todoist, a to do app with over 10 million users worldwide. Recently we launched our second app Twist which is a mindful team communication and collaboration app.

These are all remote positions, you'll be free to work from wherever you please. You can also choose to work from our office in Porto, Portugal, or we'll get you a co-working space in the city where you live. :)

I don't quality for any of these positions unfortunately, but I do want to say I started using Todoist for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and it's already changed my life--I have truly never been so productive.

What a wonderful product you have going there.

Looks nice, I hope you are hiring in around 6 months too :)

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