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Leap Motion | San Francisco, CA | Onsite | http://leapmotion.com

The greatest limit of technology is no longer size, cost, or speed. It's how we interact with it. At Leap Motion, our mission is to break down this barrier and bridge the gap between reality and imagination.

Our tracking software lets you reach into virtual and augmented reality to interact with new worlds. From our newly upgraded office in San Francisco, we're currently partnering with major VR manufacturers to embed Leap Motion technology into mobile VR/AR headsets.

Openings: https://www.leapmotion.com/careers

• Events & Marketing Manager

• Applications (Unreal/Unity) Engineer

• Computer Vision Engineer

• Embedded Linux Software Engineer

• Field Applications Engineer

• Machine Learning Engineer

• PCB Designer

• SDK/API Software Engineer

• Software Engineer, Cloud Computing

• Software Engineering Generalist

• Tools and Build Services Engineer

• VP of Engineering

• Executive Assistant

• Head of Recruiting

• Product Manager

Applications are open for YC Summer 2019

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