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Do you have any thoughts on a future revenue model? Maybe build out some kind of add-on "pro" features?

Aside from selling corporate whiteboard-secrets? (I kid, I kid...)

Will definitely _not_ be doing that, but I should add reassurance to the faq/terms/privacy so people know what's what.

Indeed, I really was kidding, so no offense meant. I am an info-sec professional by trade, so I'm naturally a bit cynical and paranoid when it comes to offloading certain things to third parties. It's good to know you have a privacy policy, though. It wouldn't hurt if you explain your data retention and destruction policy, though. If you'd like some ideas from me on ways to improve your handling of ephemeral data, let me know. Contact info in my HN profile.

Yes. Your current simple privacy policy ("We will not share your email address with anyone.") is nice, but it doesn't address the privacy of users' content (i.e. the images they send you).

I don't doubt that you intend to do the right thing, but still, I was honestly a bit wigged out to not see any mention of the privacy of my data in the privacy policy.

Policy updated (ianal though), does it work for you?

Just thought I'd mention that personally I wouldn't mind an ad being placed in the return mail. Though I'm sure the privacy advocates would be against it, using OCR to determine keywords and targeting the ads would be beneficial for you as well as the consumer.

Thanks, I appreciate hearing that. I had thought of putting an ad in the email, or even adding one to the bottom of the image itself - though I felt like that would be too intrusive and decided against it (adding to the image itself). Thanks for the feedback.

Unless you could find a solid impression based advertising provider or are willing to spend the time finding advertisers I wouldn't add anything to the image itself except (maybe) the URL to your homepage. For the email bit you'd still have to be careful with the TOS that most pay-per-click ad agencies have regarding email.

That is a goal, what kind of things would you look for? What would be worth paying for? Corp/multi user accounts?

Thanks for checking it out!

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