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Really great idea, but most advanced whiteboard cleanup software includes perspective correction and things like that.. As far as I can tell this just is a color-scale modifier and sharpener.

However the idea behind the service, whiteboard cleanup via email, is pretty sound. I would love to have this with features that allow me to send the pic along with list of 'end product' recipients.

Need some https secured site as well for sensitive whiteboard snaps.

Thanks, and yes, the mvp was basic pic cleanup via email. Things like user accounts and on-line storage are on the plan.

As far as forwarding, how would you like that to work? Configure on the site? Put them in the Subject line? To keep down on spam I'd have to require an account for that kind of feature.

Thanks for trying it out.


Both :) I'd love the option to pass configuration through the subject or message body, but configuring defaults in an account would save typing them in every time. Options like automatic crop, deskew, and perspective correction would be essential.

I'm not sure what libs you're using for image processing, but OpenCV has a lot of this type of functionality.


Yeah this seems like a great phase one offering. I'd love to see the features you describe plus maybe some line cleanup (make boxes into boxes), maybe OCR (with PDF return type), etc...

or returning a Visio document back to me would be a complete win

Thereby putting Visio out of business, except as a reader. Definitely a win! Also, Microsoft would probably pay big-$$$ just to bury something like that (possibly putting it into use later in a web app).

Suggestion: send email/tweet to @names in the board w/ OCR...

Oh, I like that idea...need to look into OCR.


I don't want to be a downer, but the last time I looked into OCR it was a real bucket of hurt, and that was on non-hand-drawn images (checking if text rendering worked).

Something less human-readable might be easier to handle (e.g. print out something analogous to a bar code and stick that anywhere on the whiteboard). Tie that bar code to a list of recipients and you're set.

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