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WiFi232 – An Internet Hayes Modem for Your Retro Computer (biosrhythm.com)
85 points by doener on July 1, 2017 | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

For those who are curious, the wifi board depicted in this project is the venerable ESP8266. It’s really been a hardware tinkerer’s dream to be able to add such a capable wifi radio to projects for so cheap ($2 on aliexpress if you don’t mind waiting 6 weeks for it to ship from China).

LGR had a video on these recently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsS0E4G310Y

EDIT: I see it's listed in the article discussions also.

Came to post this, Lazy Game Reviews is awesome <3

I got one of these for my kaypro 2'84, and it was simple to get working. I use it to transfer files from my modern laptop over the network via Kermit at a blistering 19.2kbaud

This looks handy, I've got a 3COM Etherlink III and mbrutmans TCP stack in my IBM PC but it rules out a lot of older software that doesn't know anything other than a modem.

"Sorry, sold out at the moment but I’m busy making more for you!"

I've missed out on two sales since I wasn't checking twitter every hour. They sell out fast.

This has so much malicious capabilities now for legacy hardware. It's perfect.

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