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I have a trello board with a card for each idea. I have 4 lists:

- Braindump: New ideas go here as I think of them.

- Graveyard: Archive of bad ideas.

- Research: Potentially good ideas that need fleshing out.

- Ready: Ideas where I've thought through and documented market fit, timeline, tech stack, marketing, or whatever the project needs. And crucially: first thing to do when I start the project, which makes it easier to get going.

When I have free time I look down my Ready list and pick something interesting, and I've done the prep already to get stuck in straight away.

I find Trello extremely useful to organise my own projects. I have a board similar to the one you describe, cataloging my ideas and their various stages, and also a board per project that I start building, which is typically organised as a traditional left-to-right agile board.

how many columns do you usually have on Trello? Whenever I try to use Trello I end up having too many columns

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