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In 22 years of living in germany, ive never once heard anyone use that atrocity of a word or anything close to it - I guess it's a joke-word from the tv series How I met your mother making fun of the fact that many complex german words are just glued together from other words, eg. Krankenhaus ("ill building" or "building for the ill"). This does not mean that every compound word you theoretically could form is actually a valid german word.

Here in the Anglosphere, any sufficiently compound word is indistinguishable from German. ;-)

Yep. Anything with more than one of "schaft", "stand", "gegen", "-biet", etc., is either a joke, or a government office.

Bietstandgegenwitgeschaft is real though

Googling that word returns only your comment.

Yes, truly an old recycled joke that was never that funny in the first place, kind of like !!11!!!!one!

Isn't that true? After 2 years in Germany, it was my feeling that you could freely associate several words into one. I'll defer to your 22 years of expertise, obviously.

You totally can. Technically sometimes you need a certain conjugation or a linking "s", but usually you just combine the words.

I guess they meant that not every compound word is one that Germans actually use (as you would expect when somebody claims "it's a German word"). But you can totally make up words on the spot that every German will understand

You can combine words, but the result has to be a logical structure. The word by OP is nonsensical. It can't exist.

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