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Comment from the article:

> I would like to add that IMHO all new TLDs are scam. Brand owners are forced to register their name in many of them.

.feedback is just the tip of the iceberg.

I think this is the core issue here. I remember that a few of ICANN's new TLDs caused similar issues. The idea of selling TLDs to companies for use at their discretion is horrible enough, but they also seem to be completely ignorant of this problem.

This feels as if ICANN is trying to become the new FIFA.

(I don't really have much empathy for google etc having to pay $600 a year, but the same problem could also hit lots of small sites. Also with the current trend, TLDs seem to loose all structure and meaning and just turn into another brand vehicle or trade asset)

I actually did a fairly robust empirical analysis of the extent to which brand owners did 'register their name in many of them' back when the round of ICANN gTLD expansions was happening.

The conclusion was that both currently-fashionable arguments were kinda bogus: the new gTLDs couldn't deal with 'artificial scarcity' in any real sense, if it even existed, and yet few brand owners were defensively registering in the existing domains (even .org) so claims that it would extract massive economic rent were also overblown.

It was eventually published in the Journal of Information Policy (vol.3, pp.464-484). There's a full-text copy on https://ora.ox.ac.uk/objects/uuid:ba4ca100-2f81-43ea-b207-84... if anyone's interested...

Comparing ICANN to FIFA is exactly how I have described them in the past. Having been to ICANN conferences, I can confidently say they answer to no-one at this point and it shows.

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