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Or threatened to sue them into a smoking hole in the ground..

Yeah, this is way more likely than paying 600. Amazon lawyers are a very very brutish sort. I've worked with them.

Another possibility is that the site is trying to give the impression big companies are paying so when they go after small fry it'll go easier on them.

Amazon makes that money in about 6 seconds. I don't think they would even bother to threaten them, but that's just my opinion. Maybe that's the motivation behind the scam as well?

Maybe because it is less hassle than getting a purchase order authorised.

You did the math, seemed small to me but that's how many seconds it takes to make 600 , assuming ~900 mil profit per quarter.

Well, lawyers got to earn their pay...

They could always switch it to feedback about the river.

I think Amazon could probably still "get them" by putting them through legal costs.

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