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Could the major browser providers start just blacklisting these kinds of TLD's? Or grey listing with huge warnings?

That's a scary precedent... Sure, similar things have been done to prevent visitors from attacks, but this is at best a platform for expressing criticism and at worst a sleazy shakedown of the companies being criticized (not the visitors), and to my knowledge the anti-phishing/malware warnings haven't been used to merely oppose competing interests or stifle ideas.

It's also a massive trademark violation.

The whole point of arbitrary TLDs was to enforce self-segregation for some industries (porn above all), so I expect systems dedicated to web-filtering have adopted or will eventually adopt some policy on the subject. I guess .feedback should be considered "fraud, scam".

Google provides a huge DNS service. Could they just return NXDOMAIN for the entire .feedback TLD?

I can think of a lot of parties that would love precedent for Google censoring stuff from their DNS. Parties Google really doesn't want to be seen as on the same side with.

Yes, but I feel that it would cause a very large mob in Mountain View.

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