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Show HN: Navalia – Queue and manage headless chrome (github.com)
4 points by mrskitch on June 29, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

This is great, starred! I like how you went beyond the usual "render page to png/pdf with CDP" stuff and made evaluate/exists/set screen size methods - one can see it's made for real use.

This could become a cool replacement for PhantomJS that people would actually use! I answer questions about PhantomJS on SO now and then - there are lots of questions on how to login to a site and download something while in a session, so - here's another idea for real world use: download to local fs method.

Other features people use often:

  * waiting for (an element/set amount of time), 
  * event for when a page has (re)loaded, to check if login/submit was successful
  * aborting select network requests - useful for scraping/testing
So, good luck on this project!

This looks awesome. I may look better at it later, but would love to see examples of use-cases.

Right, so my particular use-case is scraping SPA's for meta since they don't initially have it on load. Because this can be slow (thanks a lot JavaScript), I needed a way to parallelize multiple instances so my app remains snappy. This eventually drove me to write Navalia.

Other ones I can think of: - Testing (run a series of acceptance tests against a website) - Screenshots - Rendering of PDFs - Web crawling (especially for SPA's)

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