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five years ago, I had an entry level overnight noc position at a big company, and within 6 months I had scripted almost everything and was watching Netflix most of the night and didn't make any particular effort to hide that I had nothing to do.

I got rewarded for it with a promotion, and then I did the same thing and got another promotion, and another. I'm making more than twice was I was making before and now my job is telling other people how to automate their jobs away.

I keep scripting annoying tasks because I'm lazy and get rewarded for it with more annoying tasks and more money.

If he had just told his boss, and put what he did on his resume, I'm sure he'd be making more money today and have more interesting work than he would have if he hadn't lied.

But he's valuing his time with his son not the money earned. He's getting 38 hours a week vacation time, that might be worth much more than double or even triple his pay.

He was not paid fot making that software so it is his/hers. If he/she did it on his own time in my mind he is the owner of the code not the company. Sell the license to use to other companies. Yearly or monthly license to use just like for example Adobe does?

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