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Sorry but, did you really had to use HH? I'm German and that only rings my right extremists alarm bells, because they use that for "Heil Hitler" (fuck them and him) for generations.

We detached this subthread from https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14652276 and marked it off-topic.

Well, it's not really practical to not ever reuse some initial lest some of the 180+ countries in the world (or worse, some particular sub-group within a country/culture) has some history with it in a totally unrelated context.

I find this kind of post-factum concerns funny as well (same with banning Mein Kampf etc today) -- it was 1933-1945 when the German people should have been really concerned about Hitler, not 2017. The new threats of today don't need Mein Kampf or the freedom to use "HH" initials -- they can make their own stuff even if they care for the Nazis, and usually they have their own, 2017 names and agendas to use anyway. So all it does it reduce some historical guilt.

I'm German, too. Lived for 10 years in Hamburg. So my association with HH is manly with the car licence plate. If the site would be called Hackerhunt88, then that would be a different thing ;)

That's a personal problem. You could try reprogramming your brain to associate it with Helly Hansen or Hansestadt Hamburg (where HH is the license plate).

If anything, you should be grateful to see other people use "HH" for things completely and utterly unrelated to extremists.

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