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Everytime I try that it leads to the same outcome: By the time I relax I feel so good about that state that I'm just pissed off when I'm forced out of it, so I don't even want to get there in the first place.

You maybe know about any good online resources for nap training?

No resources needed, you just have to keep at it:

  * lay down
  * set a 20 minutes timer
  * close your eyes and try to relax, don't open them until the timer rings, even if you are not sleeping
  * repeat daily, ideally around the same time every day
Took me a week but now I sleep almost instantly

If you have troubles getting up afterwards, try a powernap: drinking one cup of coffee right before napping. The caffeine will kick in at about the same time your nap ends.

I feel the exact same way about napping. Instead, I find that leaving my desk and going for short walks throughout the day is more effective, for me.

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