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I'm pretty sure that it wouldn't be allowed where I work. Even though it's an US company, it's being led by Germans and in some offices they will already complain if you eat too long. "Take Naps at Work. Apologize to No One." would be a pretty dangerous statement there.

> Even though it's an US company

It always amazes me when someone just assumes that US companies are somehow superior to the rest of the world. I've worked for a couple of US based companies and the experience was shit compared to other non-US companies I worked for.

I wouldn't say "superior". I don't know anybody who'd have assumed that at all. You must have gotten that wrong somehow. Especially in my business, people assume German companies to be far more superior (which is also not really true based on my experience).

However, you do expect some kind of "business culture" especially because the company usually forces the advertisement for it onto you whether you want or not. Our floor are plastered with Fremdscham posters and phrases in english. Often you also hear a manager in a meeting praising some new trope from the East Coast regarding office layout or similar.

What really sticks with is the informal "you" though. It's really helpful most of the time.

I worked at a place like that, and took secret 10m naps in a storeroom. The storeroom was accessed via a bathroom I could lock.

Noone ever asked, 'hey, what have you been doing in the bathroom for the last 10 minutes??'

Yeah we had one in the old building too. Now we can be happy that we have offices. They have windows towards the floor too so...I tend to take the car and sleep in the nearby forest during break. But only if I'm already pretty down.

That's quite odd. All the Germans I know are fastidious about getting proper breaks/time off/holidays/etc.

Yes this is true. However, a break is not sleeping. This is Germany here. Your break starts at 12:00! You have time to eat in that time. Maybe dump a part of it afterwards and then go back to your desk by 12:30. Misusage of your desk as bed will not be tolerated! Hier herrscht Recht und Ordnung!!!11elf

Seriously, since I wrote this, I really thought about what may happen if I try. I thought maybe some people would be too polite to wake me up. Others may try to call me but I know at least one that would kick my door in just to see my shocked face. It would cause some talk for sure. I see things going this way: "Aluhut is not getting enough sleep at home...maybe he has some trouble with his girl" or "...he's partying through the whole night! I'm sure about that!". Whatever it might be in the end, I'm pretty sure it would all focus on the fact that I've done something wrong causing me not to be fit for work.

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