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I agree. Most companies screw themselves with the technical interview by giving it. I give something simple like FizzBuzz and that's it. My big questions is: "What was one of your favorite projects and what did you do?" That will tell you everything I need to know.

The problem with giving technical interviews is you are testing for someone who is an extrovert that can bullshit under pressure. That's not what you want. You want someone who is smart and can solve problems with a compiler.

Bad idea.

I have not interviewed many people yet, but already during one lunch (!) interview (where I don't ask any questions), a guy was so proudly talking about his achievements at his previous job in quite generic terms, that I've got an impression he was teached the whole story, rather than actually lived it.

Later he was not hired. According to (trusted) others in the interview loop he did not know how to do any basic shit.

But you could tell something was fishy by listening to him. You said you got the impression he taught the whole story rather than lived it. That's exactly what you are looking for; that's why it's so valuable. A real developer can tell when someone is bullshitting him in about 3 sentences.

Having said that, let me be clear. This isn't a good tool if all you have to do interviews is a manager. They probably won't be able to tell the difference, especially if they are just generic managers with little to no technical experience. They aren't the type you want giving technical interviews.

I think you have it the other way round.

Asking about favorite projects is easier for extroverts that can bullshit under pressure than technical interviews.

It's also much easier for introverts. They can talk about something that is not themselves and something they know very well. They can now expose many interesting and subtle details of their craft.

Do you think introverts don't like to talk and to brag?

Yes, this. Most introverts I've known will talk endlessly about stuff they like. Ask an introverted Star Wars geek about Star Wars. It's the meaningless smalltalk they have trouble with.

Ask an extrovert bullshitter who couldn't care less about Star Wars about Star Wars and you can easily tell the difference. (as long as you yourself aren't an extrovert bullshitter who couldn't care less about Star Wars)

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