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What is the clock speed of your iPhone or android phone?

I personally have no idea and it's the one computer I use most frequently.

My phone, and your phone too (possibly) is something like 1.2 GHz per core, with 4 cores; most phones have a similar spec (and those numbers are going up, too); basically figure 1-2 GHz per core, with 2-4 cores generally.

That said, when I started using computers, my first machine ran at 897 Khz on an 8-bit CPU, and had 16k of RAM. I was 11 years old, and this was a pretty standard machine for the time, unless you had real money (and even there, on the top end - not counting minicomputers or mainframes - you'd be lucky to break 8 MHz and a meg of RAM).

But I know I am of a different era. And honestly, I've stopped caring about CPU speeds too, because lately they don't change much (top end is about 4-5 GHz per core; servers can have around 32 cores - though that is increasing too).

What should be cared about is memory usage per process, and how the software you are using (or which multiple people are using) delegates that out. For instance, with PHP (not sure with PHP 7) you have one process per user, and depending on how much memory those processes take, will ultimately lead to an upper limit on the number of users that can be served at one time. In that case, knowing your memory usage and constraints of the server could be very important (there are a ton of other factors to consider as well, I know).

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