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And for me that was a perfect interview. First quick question by email to see if I was interested, then some simple test to see if I can really program, then quick interview to see if I have required domain knowledge (all questions were about knowledge required to program effectively, not abstract "how to move mount fuji"). For an introvert programmer like me it's a perfect interview schedule. Also it helps when you are already working and want to check conditions in other company without risk of being thrown out from your current job.

I gave up on those the last time I wasted 4 hours of my life on one of those tests and never even got a rejection email. It wasn't a hard test and I didn't do badly.

Nowadays I just point them at my github. If a body of open source isn't enough to get an interview I'm not interested in working there.

Agreed. My experience is that recruiters are pretty flakey people(and I'm being charitable in that) - they regularly fail to keep scheduled calls, fail to follow up after asking you for some times to chat, take weeks or even months to respond resume submissions for jobs they are posting etc.

I have no problem with competency testing provided I have already spoken to someone on the team and established contact and registered interest with someone besides a recruiter.

Are you against coding tests in general (especially when you have open source work to point to) or just as a prerequisite to speaking with someone?

Just as a prerequisite.

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