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Don't forget to allow an extra 30 minutes for all the inevitable tech glitches with Zoom or Adobe or whatever your remote solution is. Get ready to bash your head on the wall when you discover that they are trying to use IE 7 on Windows XP to connect to your presentation, and nobody in the meeting knows how to "load chrome" or even has permission to do it. Finally throw your deck away and do a voice-only call via someone's cell phone sitting on the middle of the conference table.

Some places, particularly government networks, have extremely locked down Internet access - the tool that I've found to work the best for screen sharing is screen leap:


No silly viewers for people to install to watch your demo.

Don't forget the client that calls in with their phone (because it's "easier" and the conference bridge allows phone call ins) and therefor can't see your screen. I always make sure to stress the importance of using a computer to connect because of screen share.

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