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Consider the capability they had with Saturn V and Apollo. Also, compare how easy it was to make Skylab happen, compared to the ISS. With the Saturn V, a smaller people launcher and Apollo they could have done so much more.

Imagen the next Space station after Skylab, they could have launched 4 Saturn V and launch a Skylab size station each time, creating a vastly bigger station then ISS at a minimal cost.

Now they are recreating the capability with SLS and Orion at a cost that is so absurdly high that its hard to even wrap you head around the numbers, specially when compared what the pay for COTS and CommercialCrew.

Anyone who's in DC should check out the Skylab module in the Air & Space Museum. It's remarkable how big it is.

I have not seen it, but I think the internal volume is very impressive. Compared to the ISS that looks more connected mining shafts.

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