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Nice. SpaceX is finally getting their launch rate up.

As a business, that's been SpaceX's biggest problem. Customers like the pricing but not the long delays. Finally, SpaceX seems to be getting past that.

Getting pad time at Canaveral is a bottleneck. SpaceX is still building their own launch site at Brownsville,, TX, but that's going slowly.[1] All SpaceX has there right now is some fill that's settling (the location is on sand maybe 2m above sea level) and a dish antenna. Next to be built, the fire station. First launch is now supposed to be no earlier than 2018.

[1] http://www.krgv.com/story/35550679/3m-road-project-underway-...

Today's launch wasn't from Canaveral. It was a polar orbit launch, so it went from Vandenberg near LA.

It's still around a two-week turnaround to get a launch pad ready in Canaveral.

Why? Because the exhaust fire burns everything in its path down to the core?

Not down to the core, but part of the process is a couple of days of inspection to figure out which parts need replacing.

If they achieve this launch rate through the rest of the year they should hit about 20 launches.

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