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Hey Jeff, long-term AWS fan and daily user of it here. One thing I see time and time again for new user confusion: the names given to AWS services.

It has always felt that AWS has been too playful with the naming of services, to the point of obfuscation. Sure, you and I know what EC2 and S3 are, and what an instance and a bucket are. But for new companies adopting AWS, I swear that a third of my time is translating AWS service names into industry terminology for them, and often here statements like:

- "Why don't they just call it a virtual machine or cloud storage?"

- "What the heck is an EBS or a Cognito?"

- etc, etc

Also, the first run of the AWS console can be overwhelming when compared to that of Digital Ocean (though I know the two aren't really comparable in terms of breadth of services offered, but look how obvious DO's call to action is).

Just immediate thoughts that pop into my head.

[1] AWS web console: http://imgur.com/GwAeBrC

[2] Digital Ocean console: http://imgur.com/a/cO3Kn

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