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The UI is confusing, hard to read and unapproachable for non-technical people. You guys should really hire some UI guru and get him to re-design and re-word the whole system and create an easy to start, plain english language tutorials.

Ok, good start, but pretend that I am dense and give me a specific example along the lines of "The W console makes it hard to do X because it says Y. Why not say Z instead?" Vector values for W, X, Y, and Z are acceptable.

Hey Jeff, long-term AWS fan and daily user of it here. One thing I see time and time again for new user confusion: the names given to AWS services.

It has always felt that AWS has been too playful with the naming of services, to the point of obfuscation. Sure, you and I know what EC2 and S3 are, and what an instance and a bucket are. But for new companies adopting AWS, I swear that a third of my time is translating AWS service names into industry terminology for them, and often here statements like:

- "Why don't they just call it a virtual machine or cloud storage?"

- "What the heck is an EBS or a Cognito?"

- etc, etc

Also, the first run of the AWS console can be overwhelming when compared to that of Digital Ocean (though I know the two aren't really comparable in terms of breadth of services offered, but look how obvious DO's call to action is).

Just immediate thoughts that pop into my head.

[1] AWS web console: http://imgur.com/GwAeBrC

[2] Digital Ocean console: http://imgur.com/a/cO3Kn

Terminating an instance instead of deleting it. A pure terminology issue that a lot of newcomers have issues with.

+ instances not really being deleted when 'terminated', so there's unnecessary clutter on your dashboard.

Ticket open since 2008: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?threadID=26111&sta...

They also still count against your usage limit, so workflow gets interrupted and you have to wait till they are actually deleted, but you can't really be sure when that happens.

So have a coffee, check back, nope not gone. Get another one, nope not gone.

Wow, I think the opposite, have you tried using Azure (yes their current iteration of their UI)? It's a nightmare, the Amazon UI is fast and efficient, please don't add UI bloat.

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