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Sample size 1 observations:

I've been going to chiropractors off and on for a few years. I started with a lower back injury, saw my primary care physician, went to PT, and after a few visits she recommended seeing a chiropractor. It took a while before I found a chiropractor I was comfortable with. Most over-promised and had a ton of halo-effect services they constantly pushed. I found one that also offered massage and didn't try to upsell any of their other services and I found that combination worked for me.

After I moved, I stopped the massage part. I stopped the chiropractor part. But the back pain hit me again in a big way. I've found that in times of high stress like I experienced several weeks ago an adjustment lasts for 1-2 days tops before it returns. My current guess based on this slightly-sensational article is that the massages help prevent muscles from messing with the entire system, so that's something I'll need to try.

Deadlifting and squatting regularly has eliminated my lower back pain.

I'll give that a shot as well. Sounds like I'll need some equipment to do that.

If you've had lower back injury, I strongly suggest you ask a medical professional first. In my case, it was muscle pain, which was alleviated (apparently) by making those muscles stronger. I did not have an actual injury; weight lifting after an injury can cause serious damage.

If you do find it reasonable to try, a gym membership would be best, for at least a few months, and a couple sessions with a trainer. Poor form with these exercises can also lead to damage.

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