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Show HN: Deploy dathttpd on now.sh (jimpick.com)
50 points by jimpick on June 24, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments

Fascinating! The first web 2.0 website is online! Congrats to Tim Berners-Lee 2.0!

If you're interested, there are a actually a few other sites being hosted with Dat!

You can view them over https or if you download Beaker [1], you can view the peer-to-peer version of the site with the dat:// protocol.

- taravancil.com - creationix.com - pfrazee.hashbase.io

1. https://beakerbrowser.com/docs/install

Hi. This seems very interesting. I followed the rabit hole and ended up here https://pfrazee.github.io/blog/what-is-the-p2p-web. And also checked provided git. Still doesn't understand how you published straight from the Beaker Browser so your dat:// site is accesible via http! Can you elaborate bit more? Thanks

Edit: I've got it :-)

Edit2: You've installed awscli, but never used in Dockerfile. Why?

Unnecessary... I did a cut-and-paste from another project. :-)

This is the kind of post that triggers my imposter syndrome. I've been a programmer for 10+ years and I have no clue what now.sh or dathttpd are.


Why would the combination of two very recent and quite esoteric things make you worry that you've been an impostor for the last ten years?

Unless you are involved with the Node.JS ecosystem [1][2] not knowing what those projects are is irrelevant, at least it is for me and I still know what they are. I will make an assumption and say that you work with a different technology and/or in a different field that doesn't involves web development, in this case there is no need to think that, because you do not know something outside the focus of your work, your career will be affected.

[1] https://zeit.co/now

[2] https://github.com/beakerbrowser/dathttpd

Nope, I work in web development, and currently in node.js =( I've heard of Zeit though. Heard of Micro, Hyper and have actually used PKG. So maybe its not so bad

Both are new projects. You're going to know about these projects before 99% of the people who eventually know about them. :-)

that is a great spin on it. thank you!

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