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TensorFlow-World: Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow (github.com)
276 points by irsina on June 24, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

This is a great start, and I find your code extremely easy to read.

I might suggest some example code for more advanced methods of data ingestion. All the code I see uses feed_dict, which is certainly the most straightforward, but once you start to try to ingest larger out-of-core datasets or use distributed tf, things get exceptionally complicated (to me at least).

Some simple-ish code with queue runners and the new Dataset API would really be helpful.

Thank you so much for your feedback ... We will post very soon about the queue runners. However, since this open source project tries to provide simple codes, in the beginning, our emphasis is one feed_dict simple method although it is suboptimal.

Have you found some good tutorials on these parts of tensorflow?

Unfortunately not. The docs on the Dataset API are quite good though.

This open source project is aimed to provide simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow. The explanations are present in the wiki associated with this repository. Each tutorial has a source code and its documetation.

Also, the Udacity course is a really good.

However, the example code here is amongst the cleanest I've seen.

Try googling how to do simple regressions, and run some of that code. I think there is one other program out of the dozens out there that come anywhere close to this level of clarity.

In fact, I think you may have used that as a starting point, in which case extra kudos for going out and seeing the state of the art.

I agree it is a great course but it is not free!

Thank you for sharing with the world. Amazing work.

Thank you ... It is my pleasure!

Agreed, this code is very well commented and easy to read. Thanks!

I appreciate your compliment.

And none of this code will work in TensorFlow 1.3 /sarcasm

Hopefully not! Lol!

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