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Absolutely yes, my work is fulfilling. My experience is that this is not the case for most people. For most people, it's like the TV show 'the Office'.

Dont settle until you find work that you find fulfilling. Note that it might take a while. If something seems interesting, date it for a while, like it, or not, and know that it may take time to fall in love with it (as true for work as for other things). Things can get more interesting the more you get into it, and the deeper your knowledge.

I work in science - I get paid to think about interesting problems and try to figure out novel and (hopefully) clever ways to solve them. I also get a lot pleasure out (hopefully) contributing to the advancement of knowledge, playing a minor role in the greater understanding of the universe. So, there is that in the big picture, but the day to day is really fun. It's play time - but for adults - more than half the time, building interesting things, learning and coding. There are stressful days, and some drudge work, but those are the minority.

I've seen a lot of comments recently advocating the goal of having 25x annual expenses in savings. This is such a great idea, for at least this reason: Savings like that would give you security and freedom, insulation from a boring job and a boring life. Freedom to pursue interests and careers, or start a business, or improve the world with sustained action. I wish I had that idea 20 yrs ago.

I think it's actually more like the movie "Office Space". The characters in The Office seem to actually like each other deep down, whereas the Office Space setting has much fewer nice qualities.

> For most people, it's like the TV show 'the Office'.

I'm sorry, but as a big fan of The Office, I'm really offended :)

It's like The Office, but not as funny!

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