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I make certain demands from the jobs that I take. No porn jobs. No advertising. No abusive industries. No distribution of non-free software.

So far, I have been able to get jobs that fulfill that. My last two jobs have been somewhat important, medical imaging for one (make humans healthier), and greenhouse gas assessments/environmental mapping for the other (make the planet less sick). I sometimes am tempted by bigger salaries, but I do not want to work at a company that produces bad or useless things. Sometimes when I browse the monthly Who Is Hiring threads, I think wow, there's a lot of money being poured into bullshit that ranges from useless to harmful for society.

So, yes. We do exist, those of us mostly happy with our jobs, doing good things. Keep looking and you won't have to sell your soul. :-)

Even when working for companies that matter (based on your values), it's easy to feel unfilled if you are detached from the primary objective or working with uninteresting tech (think an underpaid janitor working for Greenpeace/WWF/etc). Just pointing out that choosing to work for one of the "good guys" isn't a guarantee of being fulfilled, for some people.

I am ok with that. Greenpeace needs janitors too and there's no shame in being a janitor. I'm content being a microscopic cog in a non-catastrophic plan. As long as I'm involved in good, honest work, I'm content.

I did not say there's anything wrong with being a janitor. My comment was made in the HN context. If you spend your life learning programming languages and systems for a good reason but you're unhappy with your current situation, then just choosing to work for a company with a non-catastrophic plan might not be a sure way to achieve happiness if at the same time you're not realizing your full potential (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-actualization).

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