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We are open to suggestions here. We know that Luna brings a great power to Data Scientists but there have to be a good way to show this power to them. I don't know currently what way would be the best and we've got a little time until we do it. For now, the first milestone for us is to build community around good programmers (including good programmers from the data science field) and later target less technical people. Any suggestions however, are very important to us!

I'd be interested in (and have some experience) in bridging Python with other (data-heavy) languages, which would let you pull in a lot of functionality as nodes in your graph, or expose your graph as functions in Python.

Great! I'd like to help make it happen. Please sign to our list and make sure you read mails from spam folder. Let's be in touch after the release, soon. Alternatively, just drop me a line at wojciech at luna-lang.org and let's stay in touch! :)

The power of e.g. matlab for engineering disciplines is in the profound library. The optimized performance of the core language not withstanding, optimizing the library takes many people, often enough graduates, doctorates and professors.

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