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Wouldn't it be trouble if I tried to visit you at your office tomorrow? :) Not sure if time (and traffic) will let me, but I'm in the same city, and super interested in your project... would love to talk some... note: not an investor in any way, sorry ;) but I wanted to build something similar in some ways, and now have high hopes that maybe I won't have to, maybe I'll be just able to build on it/extend it! If you're ok, what time would be cool for you?

Sure, it's a super cool idea. Let's drop me an email to wojciech at luna-lang.org and we set all the details (time / place etc) - we've got a parking place here, but its "hidden" so if you will be driving car, you can park here without problems! :)

We are not looking for any investments now but we are looking to collaborate with everyone interested in Luna, so that sounds like a "perfect match" for us! :D

Sent! Please check your spam folder ;) Also copied to the address from your website, or are both correct?

I've got it and just replied. See you tomorrow! :)

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