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There is a big difference between what Luna is and who we target with our website. We want now to keep in touch with good developers and build community around them and make Luna a dancing and singing complete development environment with high-level libraries useful for less technical people. The libs we include are very limited currently, so Luna would not be very usable for non-technical people in its current state. Does it make sense? We will try to explain it better on our new website though! :)

I applaud your candor.

Qubex, I'm sad such comment appeared. I'm sad only because it shows how rare people are honest while building companies. How can we build something that engages other people and cheat on them?

Look, we've been working on Luna for over 2 years now, full time in a team of 7 people. We were often working during weekends or hardly sleeping at nights just to create what we believe in. We were constantly using software build the same way - linux, ghc, atom, etc. Now we want to give it completely free for everyone and we want to survive not because we want to be reach or famous, only because we so deeply believe that Luna really can drastically change something important in the data processing field. We will not survive without people engaged in this project, without people that will make it shine in different domain specific fields. We don't want then to "close" it - it will always be open and free (which is somehow guaranteed by the license too). As a company we need to make money too, but how could we make money not being honest?

We want to build community around good developers only because Luna could be a big development boost for them and additionally, we can together bring it to less technical people and help them too in their daily tasks. If people like what we do, we can then charge for support and additional paid services, developed by us, but I think it is really fair deal and companies should be built this way.

Sorry for a little long answer, but I got that sentence emotional! :)

This response strikes me as either coming from a mindful person willing to show public vulnerability or someone who has studied such people & learned to mimic how they communicate. My own experiences with mindfulness suggests categorical thinking naturally goes hand-in-hand with (and may naturally emerge from) being in a mindful state, so I'm more inclined to think you're not a well-researched phony. I also prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I'm feeling really inspired, hopeful, and happy when I read comments like these because I consider the lack of vulnerability in the startup world to be as sad as the lack of authenticity. Thank you! I hope you'll keep doing what you're doing.

Are you, by any chance, familiar with nonviolent communication? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nonviolent_Communication

That's a heartwarming response, truly.

I was prompted to write my original comment by the simple fact that (usually, in my experience) people stick to the half-truths that are easiest for them to communicate, rather than embracing the hard work of truly conveying their inner meanings (note the plural). To wit: once a website is up and a coherent (albeit incomplete) ’truth’ has been ”put out there”, rarely would I expect the author of that website to turn around and say ”that is the self-serving story we wish to convey to one subset of our potential audience, those who self-select by relying on our website for information”. It's a very intellectually honest approach to admit that the content of the website is not Truth but rather some kind of social mechanism, every. It as ’functional’ as the code itself, and serves the a ’propagandistic’ purpose.

Collectively I summarise all of this as ’candor’. ;)

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