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I'd love to hear how this might be applied as a general debugger concept for CUDA and the likes. To a layman like me, CUDA's GDB debugging interface has always left a sour taste in my mouth due to the high amount of parallelism that simply can't be displayed through a debugger entailed to be used only on a single thread. I'd love to see someone working on (and I'm probably going to take a crack at it myself ;) ) not just using this interface as a language, but also as a debugging tool for other languages. Decomposition of CUDA (and other -- thinking Erlang right now especially) programs into bite-sized visualizations in order to program and debug would be invaluable for the space.

It would be supper cool to debug CUDA with Luna, but keep in mind there is a really long way until it will be possible. It is however very interesting path and I'm super curious where it could lead us to! I'm willing to support it as I can if you would like to try do it by yourself. You will be even able to cut off our backend and use the GUI for your purposes, however more interesting (and even probably also easier) way to do it will be to make some abstractions in backend and build the graph using provided by us backend server, its API and replacing only the interpreter / compiler plugins. To sum this up, a very interesting idea!

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