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I just finished writing an article that explains how to connect WebDriver to Firefox running in the new headless mode on Windows if anybody's interested: https://intoli.com/blog/running-selenium-with-headless-firef...

It should be pretty similar on Linux, and probably macOS when it comes around.

Great article! I'm the product manager for the headless feature, and I'm unsure why `binary.add_command_line_options('-headless')` doesn't work for you, as the flag does work when invoking Firefox directly:

> "c:\Program Files\Nightly\firefox.exe" -headless

(It also works when Firefox is invoked from a Node.js script in a test suite for a Node.js program that drives Firefox.)

Perhaps this is a Selenium issue?

Thanks! That was guess as well, since running the command you posted from cmd does work. I dug around selenium's source code a bit, but decided to take the pragmatic path and use the MOZ_HEADLESS environment variable instead.

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