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Here is the snapshot from when this was submitted to HN about a year and a half ago: http://archive.is/V2VwE

My question: what has changed? Has anyone addressed any of the fundamental questions that were posed last time this was submitted? Are there any concrete examples of how you might use this for general purpose programming?

That's more or less what I want to know. I've been subscribed to Luna for a while but I haven't received any updates or news about it whatsoever. The Twitter account is pretty dead. Even the images on the website seem pretty sketchy since I doubt many of the images are actually real or represent features of the editor. I've pretty much given up on this ever coming out.

We are alive! I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting for so long, we've been doing our best to make everything happen in the best possible form and I hope you will be happy with Luna after the release :) I'd be very thankful for any feedback after the release, it would help us much!

Thanks for chiming in! Hopefully it works out for you guys! :)

Hi! I'd be happy to cover any of the fundamental questions you are refering too. I was trying to cover them last time, but if there is something uncovered, I'd be more than happy to fix it :) Would you be so nice and specify what are your concerns?

Regarding the questions, I've just put some small summary of updates on the top level of this thread. Regarding real world applications, Luna will be well suited (but not limiting to) to interactive data science, creating custom data visualisations, microservices management, rapid prototyping of any data processing networks (inlcuding IOT systems) and of course graphics or sound processing.

Hey, super excited to hear that all of this is being open sourced. Visual programming isn't something I have had positive experience with in the past, but it seems like you have introduced new concepts and new UX that may change that. I would love to read a technical write up about the design of the language.

For completeness, the previous threads: https://hn.algolia.com/?query=Luna%20lang&sort=byPopularity&...

My guess is they ran into problems with syntax. If they alter their language slightly to be an ETN, it could help. Happy to chat more if any of them are reading.

Actually we did not run into problems with syntax! The syntax we were presenting last time has changed only slightly. I'd be happy to chat more about it! You can grab me here or message me directly at wojciech at luna-lang.org :)

Fantastic! Will do. Hopping on a plane now but will be in touch.

Have a safe and pleasant flight!

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