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The Chrome Devtools API is really useful. However, if you're wanting to use Selenium, a coworker of mine wrote this up to show how to use headless Chrome with Python + Selenium https://duo.com/blog/driving-headless-chrome-with-python

I would imagine the same approach could be used here with minimal changes.

Would people find it helpful if I add a `headless` capability to `moz:firefoxOptions` in geckodriver so that passing in `{capabilities: {alwaysMatch: {moz:firefoxOptions:{headless: true}}}}` when starting a session will start the browser in headless mode, if supported? This doesn't seem like something that's compelex enough to warrant a whole blogpost to explain how to get it working.

Oh, apparently there's already a flag you can pass to the binary to enable headless mode, and geckodriver already supports setting those, so adding a separate option seems unnecessary. I thought it was just an environment variable.

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