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VisuAlgo – visualising data structures and algorithms through animation (visualgo.net)
280 points by pera on June 22, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 19 comments

This is awesome! VisuAlgo don't have Red-Black tree, but this link fills the gap.

It seems neat, though it should be disclosed that the controls are not intended for touch devices, and moving the scrubber bar to view different points in the animation don't do anything.

It also likes to remind people to log for each modal that shows up. This is a quick turn off.

For Polish speakers, there's "Ważniak".


But wait, it's a whole goddamn curriculum from IT studies (Bachelor's + Master's), including several kinds of maths, networking, databases, graphics, logic, basic electronics, signal conversion, AI, compiler basics, embedded, and more. The chapters are divided into numerous modules, most with animated examples (like for algorithms), theory backing everything, examples, exercises to perform, and more.

Really, the only flaw is that it's not in universally spoken English.

I discovered this project from previous post

Competitive Programming Curriculum | Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14591291

from https://cpbook.net site

This looks cool, perfect for people trying to get an intuitive feel for algorithms. I hope they'll implement even more algorithms, maybe machine learning algorithms like k-means or SVM would lend themselves good to visualization.

See also https://pyalgoviz.appspot.com, where you can design your own algorithms and visualizations.

Cool. I wish this existed when I was in college!

http://rkarthick.github.io/morpheus-client/ Something I developed for visualizing distributed synchronous algorithms such as leader in the ring.

Machine Learning visualizer here. K Means Clustering, DBSCAN Clustering, and others. https://jeff3dx.github.io/mlearning

The "hug of death" appears to have brought the server to its knees.

This helped me a lot when I was studying for job interviews.

What are the technologies that have been used to develop this?

Viewing source found jQuery, jQuery UI, D3.js and bunch of helper functions/libraries which use jQuery.

nice, but I first parsed it as the Go flavored version of visual studio : VisualGo

Then you need to fix your parser

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