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The Decline of Imgur on Reddit and the Rise of Reddit's Native Image Hosting (minimaxir.com)
270 points by minimaxir on June 20, 2017 | hide | past | web | favorite | 265 comments

Seems apt to link the blog post I wrote when my own image hosting service went under:


For image hosting I use an s3 bucket with MonoSnap (a free program). You can configure Monosnap to record an area of your screen as a gif/mpeg or capture your screen, or you can drop files onto its tray icon, and it will upload the file to s3, and copy a shortened link to your clipboard. For most images it takes about a second. It's been very helpful for me. (http://take.ms/BBVGW)

Bandwidth isn't really imgur's problem now.

So long as you have users, you have bandwidth, you have revenue.

The problem is now storage. As users and revenue may decline the bandwidth bill declines too... but the storage bill always increases and never declines.

This is the real problem with image hosting, keeping alive old images and storage costs always growing regardless of current usage and revenue.

Imgur has (had?) a policy of deleting images that were not requested within the last six months.

So now that Reddit is trying to raise money are we going to get a huge increase in Reddit articles on HN? This is a serious question because everytime a company appears to be in "fundraising mode" the "local news" (HN, Tech Crunch, SF Chronicle) seems to be perforated by positive or optimistic articles for the entity in question.

Do Reddit support hosting galleries? Optionally with the ability to download them as archives?

Imgur used to let you upload a bunch of photos, then "generate multiple links" to output a text block of all the links in Markdown, BBCode, etc. So annoying that they removed the feature.

What gets me is loading a gif on Imgur compared with alternatives.

Imgur seems to want show it's loading gif before the actual gif.

Sometimes I can be waiting at least 10 seconds for the gif to actually begin loading.

No thanks.

Everyone is hating on Imgur as a community but I personally think that's the best part of it. It's the only "front page" I visit daily apart from HN.

The graph seems to indicate that the number of images almost doubles during 2016, but the number of submissions do not?

Might count large albums as submissions? Upload a single image and it's one image, one submission. Upload 10 images into one album and it's 10 images, one submission.

Could be wrong but that's my guess.

For every post in this thread:

s/imgur/imageshack s/reddit/somethingawful

I remember when waffleimages died...

Why doesn't Reddit just buy Imgur?

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