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Fuze Code Studio will let kids use the Switch to code their own Switch games (theverge.com)
35 points by vanburen 175 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

This particular tool, especially if it's not out for another year, is less interesting than the general idea of Nintendo being cool with a third-party coding environment on the Switch.

Nintendo would never do the latter, if you mean publishing software on the Switch without their approval.

I worked on the older version of FUZE BASIC, which ran on a modified raspberry pi, for quite a while; It was very fun to make games etc, but it required quite a bit of knowledge. Teaching children to make simple text-based games was easy, but this had all the failings of the original basic, such as no oop, no else if, GOTO, no garbage collector, no hand-holding for graphics, no double-buffering etc that mean you have to wrap your head around some theory to even get started making much fun.

Another advantage is that fuze basic is/was backwards compatible with BASIC written for bbc micro, so if you have the time you can copy games from old magazines, maybe even the original version of Elite! (though i did hear that had some lower level Assembly tricks that may be iffy)

Especially using the garbage collector correctly was a struggle, I often had to help people clean up after drawing on the screen because they would run out of memory very quickly.

Nonetheless, I did successfully teach a couple kids to make text-based games, and one did get back to me with a pirate themed number guessing game.

I can't wait to hear about escaping whatever env/jail the games run in and executing Fuze code on Switch hardware

I could see this fail hard if it doesn't have some kind of profanity filter

I didn't read anything that implies the games could be shared or uploaded online so a profanity filter wouldn't be needed would it?

I also imagine there to be a touch-screen interface for placing objects on the screen (like unity or playcanvas) so naughty kids will be able to "draw" whatever their heart desires anyways.

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