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In Search of Fear (laphamsquarterly.org)
26 points by ascertain 218 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

> Yes, choose a number—not too high—and when you hear footsteps on your porch at three am, unfreeze your trepidation by whispering to yourself, “At ten, I open the door! One, two, three, four...”

I increasingly believe time travel (itself an artifact of life inside culture, itself an artifact of language brains) is our biggest differentiator from primates. This simple machine for 10-second time travel is quite powerful. Addicts are finding the 5-second machine useful for controlling cravings. https://melrobbins.com/the-5-second-rule/

I'm reading the new San Francisco sci-fi novel All The Birds In The Sky and one of the protagonists builds a 2-second device.

The author is a famous highwire artist probably best known in the US for walking a wire between the WTC Twin Towers.


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