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Fellow HN readers, I humbly ask for some advice:

I'm currently working through Udacity's Self-Driving Car Engineer Nanodegree; if everything goes well, I should be heading into Term 3 soon.

What is painfully known to me, before I started this course and now in the middle of it - is my lack of certain education in mathematics.

Particularly that of stats/probability - but lately understanding the basics of calculus, namely that of derivatives and integrals. So I would like some assistance - namely, what are your suggestions for me to remedy this, after I finish the Nanodegree?

My thoughts have been to take a reprieve from coursework, then maybe next year launch into something more. Maybe more MOOCs or other online course or resources (like these books) geared toward learning this material. Or perhaps taking a course or two at a local community college? Perhaps I could audit a local (ASU West here in Arizona would be closest) mathematics course? Or maybe do some other kind of formal online study (I have considered getting a BS then an MS via an online school).

I seem to do alright with MOOCs "at my own pace" - but I also do well in a more structured system, with a set syllabus, schedule, and testing.

I just want to see what others think might be the best approach, in order to assist my decision in the future. Thank you all for any suggestions and such.

I learn a lot from Barabar Oakley's book "A Mind for Numbers". http://barbaraoakley.com/

I wrote about some of my take-home messages from that book here: https://www.quora.com/profile/David-Lawrence-6 "How I study hard"

Abhishek Pillai wrote about what he learnt here: https://medium.com/learn-love-code/learnings-from-learning-h...

I have completed 3 MOOC courses. I was lucky that they tied in with my job.


check out this series (he also has a really good one on linear algebra)

After that, I'd check out Khan academy.

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