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The be fair, C# was a lot less entrenched at that time than Java was, even though I think Java could have made the same step at the time. But the Java maintainers probably had good reasons for that decision as well.

As for better class libraries, I found the .NET BCL to be excellently designed and thought through. It's also very consistent throughout. Now, parts of the FCL, like System.Windows.Forms are another matter ...

There's still some warts, such as there not being an ISet<T> before .NET 4, but Java's standard library has its share of quirks and historical weirdnesses as well. And as libraries age there are always old ways of doing things you can never really remove, and newer ways that are better. None of the two is as bad as C++, but depending on what you do you can stumble around in a swamp of old APIs for a while before finding what you're actually supposed to use.

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