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It is still confusing. Look at how clear python files are for example.

My editor's colorscheme makes brackets dark gray and I don't use semicolons in JS because it's optional. It's really not that ugly. I What IS ugly is inspecting machine generated Coffeescript source code in Chrome dev tools and debugging it.

So is having to set up preprocessors whenever you want to use Coffeescript. Which is easy in Rails but a challenge in many other scenarios such as simple static sites.

Not to mention the number of projects I've joined which has a random mix of both .js and .coffee files.

I'd prefer spacing over bracket if it was natively supported in the language as it is in my favourite languages Erlang, Elixir, and Haskell. But that's not the case here.

CoffeeScript 2 will compile classes to ES6 classes, among other changes. So the output should be more readable than it was previously.

Exactly, which sort of mutes the effectiveness of this tool. Coffeesctipt 2 is already a coffee to es6 transpiler

Python would be even worse in this situation, IMO. At least brackets are visible; having to line up a bunch of indentation for that kind of nesting depth is the sort of thing that gives me nightmares at night.

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