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Honest question: why would I want a distributed scale-out RDBMS based on SQLite when there are others based on more performant server-based solutions (see Citus for PostgreSQL, Galera for MySQL, etc)

My understanding/recollection of SQLite is that it has significant performance issues with high concurrency. Great for a database on a pocket device, not the best choice for a horizontal scale-out high-concurrency system. At what point do I need horizontal scalability, but not care about concurrency on any one node?

Again, honest question - I'm not doubting the project or its value, I just don't get it.

I think you're misunderstanding the goals of the project. It's not to create a horizontally scalable DB. Write perflrmance will not scale horizontally at all with this database.

The goal is to create something more like an etcd that can hold structured data.


From the README:


rqlite gives you the functionality of a rock solid, fault-tolerant, replicated relational database, but with very easy installation, deployment, and operation. With it you've got a lightweight and reliable distributed relational data store. Think etcd or Consul, but with relational data modelling also available.

You could use rqlite as part of a larger system, as a central store for some critical relational data, without having to run a heavier solution like MySQL.


rqlite replicates SQLite for fault-tolerance. It does not replicate it for performance. In fact performance is reduced somewhat due to the network round-trips.

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