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I know very little about the Windows platform

As someone who started in the 90ies this makes me smile.

Year of the linux desktop or not: something has changed. (Quite aware that the bauerd might be using something else.)

He could be a Mac user for all we know.

Yes, I tried to mention that.

My point is the Windows monopoly is almost broken and I think everyone including Windows users benefit from that.

> the Windows monopoly is almost broken

Oh, how I wish that were true.

In some areas, yes, but there so many line-of-business applications that are only available for Windows that even if Microsoft stopped developing Windows, people would continue to use it for a very long time.

I am not at all a fan of Steven Ballmer, but he got it right - if you get the developers to flock to your platform, you win. Microsoft did that in the desktop space, Apple did it in the mobile space.

>> the Windows monopoly is almost broken

> Oh, how I wish that were true.

Windows lost mobile. They lost pads. More people than ever are using Macs. More people than ever are using Linux and various nixes. Linux, Macs and other nixes are considered cooler than Windows.

Windows lost servers, although Microsoft seems to have won a good chunk of developer mindshare with Azure - running mostly (AFAIK) Linux.

Yes, a lot of legacy systems still use Windows but it seems less and less need Windows every year.

Except from Manic time and Microsoft Office I cannot think of any software that I personally would need Windows for at the moment.

Netbeans and Maven run better in Neon. Same goes for Node and a lot of other software I care about AFAIK.

Even CSGO seems to work better on Linux for weeks (until next bad update, I think last waa when sound was messed up probably back in March.)

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