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Does the fact that many of these havent been updated in months or years mean that these are really old projects that effectively hold no value to the NSA and arent close to any of their core operations?

For every one of these projects someone spent a considerable effort do the paperwork to get it pushed out, have it signed off as sanitized, non-embarassing, etc. It is a lot of work to get that done in bureaucratic and risk-averse organisations.

If there had been a community contributing back I expect that there would have been more activity, but if it seems like noone will, would you spend your time pushing out regular updates?

Or they've received updates that make them too important to release? But likely it's just that they haven't had any major updates, and NSA internal bugfixes aren't important enough to push out, or aren't given out due to worries that that would be a national security issue somehow

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