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It takes time to get those brackets right; time that adds up. That's one of the many ways CoffeeScript contributed to my own productivity over the years

Only if you're editing text with a potatoe.

Assuming you have an editor which auto wraps pararenthesis then with Coffeescript you are basically exchanging brackets for spacing with zero productivity gain, besides some features such as list comprehension and easier handling of that = this.

Additionally every JS file has to be preprocessed making debugging slightly harder and set up more involved. Every person contributing to the project has to become familiar with CS. Plus mixing both CS and non-CS files always ends up happening in my experience.

As a former CS fan, I really don't see the utility of using CS like I used to.

So we're assuming that everyone only ever writes new code in a situation where auto insertion of parentheses would kick in and contribute. Don't you people have to edit existing code? Callback hell anyone?

If you're using ES6, you're already likely doing a compilation step anyway. So I'm not too sure there's much loss.

True, I've been using Babel for ES6 when not working on chrome extensions or sites limited to early adopters which I look forward to not having to depend on. For Node you don't need Babel to use ES6 besides support for import instead of require.

I still find having to use Babel annoying.

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