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About creating a MOOC in Kinyarwanda with hiring facilities for “graduates”
6 points by JPLeRouzic 159 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
In central Africa countries like CDR or CAR, there are young gifted people that will never have an opportunity to improve their life quality because they are not visible by any global employer. The society at large suffers from their missing contributions, we are in dire need of people that have a different perspective of the technology and of its possibilities. One possibility would be to offer them something combining Udacity and Blitz, with local languages and low throughput Internet. The courses would be dispensed in one to three local languages to target people that are really in a poor environment. It would perhaps be interesting to make this MOOC accessible in a low cost Internet (SMS based like Wikipedia zero?) Progressively English would be introduced, to make them able to communicate globally. After they would graduating, they could access a job dashboard tailored for their context (translation between English and Kinyarwanda, low Internet throughput, social/behavior tips). Indeed the employer would have a similar dashboard to help in translation and with low throughput.

Do you have any suggestion, or a pointer to open source software?

(I understand that I may express here a patronizing view of central Africa, I am sorry for that)

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