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Nah this is a VM issue.

Type assertions have no ability to recurse. RN you assert both classes are a UTF8 value in the constant pool. Or really 1 class is a UTF8 value, which the compiler know the first one is.

But with Generics, you may not know what it holds at runtime so this doesn't work. You'd have to constantly rebuild the constant pool (Slow) each time a new _kind_ of generic is used.

So either a new type+byte code would have to be introduced, or the type assertion instruction would have to become recursive. The later is a breaking change.

Also interfaces break this b/c those are class specific. So a Lorg/my/company/myClass$5; and Lorg/your/company/yourClass$0 might both implement the same interface. But that interface information isn't in the collection class, but those to class's class files. So really it just needs new byte code.

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